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black mamba

black mamba is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its dark, dense buds and potent effects. it often has a sweet and earthy aroma with hints of spice. black mamba delivers a strong, long-lasting high, inducing deep relaxation, sedation, and a dreamy, introspective state.

terpene profile

 myrcene • d-limonene • beta-caryophyllene


sweet • earthy • flower


sleepy • relaxed • hungry

black mamba

black mamba strain california

black mamba faq.

black mamba is available at most cannabis dispensaries in california. however, we are unable to ship these products in the mail due to existing laws. use our store locator to find a dispensary near you that carries our products.

you will need a usb-c charger to charge the battery if it runs out of power. however, the charger is not included.

the black mamba device is not reusable. once you’re finished using the device you’ll want to dispose of it.

on the side of the box there’s a place for you to scratch which will reveal a code. once you see the code enter it on our product validation page which will verify the authenticity. also, you can view the lab results page to see what our products contains

black mamba is an indica strain.

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